Dangerous goods transportation

Truck transportation of dangerous goods is the main activity of our company, the amount of dangerous goods transported by us since 2007 is measured in hundreds of tons. If you are looking for a specialist to perform this task, then you have come to the right place.

Our company has its own fleet of vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods. We will provide you with the required truck as soon as possible, just tell us the place and time.

Truck transportation of dangerous goods is carried out by our drivers, who have extensive experience in this field. All our drivers have undergone special training and received documents for admission to the transportation of dangerous goods.



All transported substances that fall under the definition of dangerous goods are divided into classes, according to the level of danger to human life and the environment. All dangerous goods are divided into 9 classes.


Out of the scope of the classification there are goods of increased danger, the transportation of which is characterized by more stringent requirements. Delivery of cargo of each class is carried out with special conditions prescribed in the regulatory documents.


Our entire truck fleet is equipped with GPS systems, dangerous goods signs and appropriate markings, as well as all the necessary special equipment, which allows us to carry out road transportation of dangerous goods in accordance with all the rules.

extensive work experience

environmental and commercial safety of transport services

affordable cost of services

staff professionalism

adherence to delivery period

reliability of the company, proven by years


The main normative act that regulates such carriage by car is the international agreement on the carriage of dangerous goods by road - ADR. These shipments have an MSDS passport, in which they are assigned a UN No. consisting of 4 digits. On the territory of Ukraine, there are also the Rules for the carriage of goods by road from 14.10.1997.

Our company will find the optimal route along which the delivery of dangerous goods will be carried out. When transporting dangerous goods, our managers will certify the route with the police and carry out all the administrative work.