Air shipment

We cooperate with the world's largest airlines, which allows us to carry out flights on schedule, at the right time for the client and for a reasonable price. We also have the opportunity to provide discounts and bonuses to regular customers.

For goods transportation by air, we can use different types of aircrafts:

cargo plane


We can use light, heavy and medium cargo aircrafts.


Passanger aircrafts, in which transportation of goods is carried out in the luggage compartment..


Delivery is carried out by charter aircrafts.

Additional services:

● Client consulting on the possibilities of cargo transportation and calculation the optimal route of movement;
● Various delivery methods (from the departure airport to the destination airport, "from the sender's door" to the recipient's door, "from the sender's door" to the destination airport, from the departure airport "to the recipient's door");
● Warehousing and consolidation;
● Packaging, labeling and handling;
● Air transportation of oversized, heavy and specific cargo;
● Organization of cargo clearance in customs authorities;
● Registration of export, import and transit documentation;
● Cargo insurance;
● Monitoring of goods during transportation, control of delivery, informational support of sender and recipient.

Types of transported goods

Perishable (urgent)

Fruits and vegetables, meat of birds and animals, seafood and fish, butter, sausage, fats, canned food, dairy products, biological and medical products, living plants, seeds, canned blood, as well as magazines and newspapers are called perishable.

Heavy and oversized

Oversized cargo - shape and size of which requires additional packaging and specialized loading equipment. Such goods include cars, pipes, cable reels, drums, etc. Heavy goods are such that weighing over 80 kg.

Art objects and museum exhibits

● art objects● painting on wood● ceramics● glass and enamel● paintings on canvases● stone sculptures and frescoes● mosaic


Substances or objects that pose a danger to human health and to their property. Among them are explosives, gaseous substances, poisonous, as well as flammable substances, etc.


Products that contain liquids: seafood, meat, vegetables that produce juice, food packed with wet ice, animals, etc.


Strong-smelling products that are transported only in waterproof containers to avoid odor leakage.


Diplomatic (mail)

Cargoes that come to the address of diplomatic missions or are sent on their behalf.

Benefits of air cargo transportation 

High speed

High load capacity

Wide geography of deliveries


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