Importer / exporter services provider

The main element of activity of a large number companies, such as small and medium-sized businesses operating in the field of production and trade, is import / export of goods. To facilitate interactions with foreign partners, we offer our clients services of an importer / exporter. These services allow you to solve the problem of customs clearance and delivery of goods.

Import / export of goods

This procedure is quite difficult to implement, and requires specialized skills in foreign economic activity of the highest qualification. By contacting our company, you will forget about need to delve into the intricacies of such transactions.

Importer / exporter services from ourcompany is an integrated approach that includes:

● Calculation of customs payments
● Calculation of customs clearance
● Preparation and conclusion of a foreign trade contract
● Transfer of payment to counterparty
● Import / export of goods from the supplier's warehouse to the customs clearance point
● Customs clearance using the electronic declaration procedure, payment of taxes and fees
● Delivery of cargo to the customer's warehouse

As a result of cooperation with us, importer / exporter services give you the opportunity to choose the product you need and receive it anywhere in the world without taking direct part in the preparation and conduct of a foreign trade transaction, which will allow you to focus on scaling the scope of your activity. We guarantee you the result with a minimum investment of time, resources and funds.

Terms of cooperation

As a result of cooperation with us, you will reduce the costs of any services in the field of logistics.

Our managers will offer you the most favorable tariff rates, since they are not fixed and depend on the type of product, its cost, batch size, physical parameters, as well as on the nature of cooperation.

We offer our permanent partners a progressive system of discounts.

To receive a preliminary calculation of the tariff, leave a request and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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