For most of the products, goods and services that are sold by enterprises, there is a mandatory certification procedure. This procedure is necessary to confirm the compliance of objects with quality standards.

Certification is a rather laborious process, during which the company needs to prepare a package of certain documents, also draw up an application and contact the relevant regulatory authorities. Our company works in close relationship with accredited executive bodies, which allows us quickly and comfortably obtain certificates.

We interact with many organizations from Ukraine and other countries. Our clients can always count on our help, regardless of their geographic location.

Our services

Our partners are accredited bodies that carry out product certification and researches. Our company has established an effective procedure for issuing permits, we control each stage, as a result of which, the documentation is drawn up promptly and without overlays.

We help to obtain the following types of documents:
● Govermental standarts certificates
● declarations of customs authorities
● environmental and industrial documents
● expert opinions

The goal of our company is to promptly issue certificates with minimal involvement of our clients.

Reffering to "DIAMOND CARGO", you will receive all the documentation on time, as well as a sea of positive emotions from interaction with qualified professionals.

The quality of services and the comfort of our clients is our main motto.


Advantages of "DIAMOND CARGO" company 

We are a leader in the certification services market. Our advantages:
● experience
● wide network of partners
● efficiency of work


Long-term cooperation with authorized bodies allows us to resolve any problems with the issuance of certificates promptly and in due time. Our customers receive a comprehensive turnkey service: upon completion, you receive an authorization document that will give you the right to sell tangible and intellectual products.

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