Ship Agency Services

Ship agency services - a set of actions performed by a marine agent on behalf of the ship owner.


    registration of the arrival and departure of the vessel
    organization of ship transportation in the water area of the Port (in accordance with the current regulatory documents in the Port)
    payment of port dues
    mooring operations
    water bunkering
    organization of access control
    maritime organization of safe parking at the pier
    organization of towing
    organization of removal from vessels of bilge, oily, fecal waters, as well as dry garbage and other waste with subsequent disposal
    other services related to the maintenance of the vessel under the Agreement


    protect and represent the interests of the Customer in case of issues with official port authorities and institutions
    provide the Customer with all the necessary information on issues related with the vessel stay in the Port
    execute the instructions of the Customer stipulated by the contract, which must be lawful, feasible, specific
    inform the Customer about all incidents with his vessel
    collect, check and pay bills for mandatory fees
    prepare agents monthly reports
    coordinate with the Customer additional services and applications arising in unforeseen situations

Ship agency is a profitable solution for the ship owner. To increase the benefits from voyages, the agent takes care of all questions about the efficient operation of the vessel!

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