Railway transportation

Railway transportation is considered as economical and reliable way of delivery, based on the price / quality ratio. It is stable and easy to calculate the route with the smallest margin of error.
Also, one of the key advantages of railway transportation is high safety.
Our company has a high reputation as a responsible carrier, all our goods are delivered on time and with no additional cost.

Advantages of railway transportation:

high throughput


weather conditions independence

high speed of long distance delivery

wide variety goods transportation

Our services:

    dangerous goods transportation
    general cargo transportation
    development and approval of cargo securing schemes
    loading and unloading works
    transportation of groupage cargo by railway
    organization of railway transportation
    organization of international cargo transportation
    constant monitoring of the cargo movement
    bulk and liquid cargo transportation
    relevant documentation provision

Container railway transportation 

Fitting platforms transportation

Railway fitting platforms are wide used everywhere in rail container delivery. Fitting platforms are an element for placing on them large-capacity multipurpose containers of 20, 40, 80 feet, as well as special containers (isothermal and others) with the use of special fitting systems.

Fitting platforms usage for the transportation of wheeled, tracked vehicles and long loads are also becoming more and more popular. Such models of fitting platforms solve the problem of transporting of bulk cargo on one unit of rolling stock. This method of transportation give us an opportunity to save on the railway tariffs.

Transportation of goods using fitting platforms is an opportunity for the most flexible choice of transport capacity, and also allows you to optimize delivery logistics. The main criterion for choosing a container and platform is the carrying capacity.

  • 40' platform

    it is possible to transport one 40' container or two 20' containers. This type of transportation is one of the most flexible and practical solutions. The maximum lifting capacity of the platforms is 60-75 tons.

  • 60' platform

    increases the capacity of a rolling stock unit and is excellent for transporting mixed cargo. It can transport one 40' and one 20' container or three 20' containers. The platform's lifting capacity is limited to 72 tons.

  • 80' platform

    is an excellent option for transporting large consignments of lightweight cargo. Such platforms are used for international import and transit transportations. It is possible to transport two 40' universal ISO containers or one 40' and two 20' containers.

  • transportation of wheeled, tracked and special equipment

    is carried out on fitting platforms of such models: 13-935A-03, 13-935A-04, 13-3110, 13-4085, 13-9004, 13-2114-08 and many others. These platforms have wooden or metal floors. The useful length of such platforms reaches 25 meters, such dimensions allow transporting a wide variety of equipment: machinery, equipment, cars and many other goods.

Other solutions for transportation by railway fitting platforms

Isothermal and other specialized containers of 20' and 40' are also transported on fitting platforms:

  • refrigerators are used to transport perishable goods

  • in special containers we can transport - liquids, expensive bulk cargo, grain and other goods

Specialized containers such as flexitanks, tank containers, open-top container tanks are compatible with fastening systems (actually "fittings") for installation on 20' and 40' platforms. Flexitanks are transported on a 20' universal container platforms - it is possible to transport liquid cargo with weight up to 24 tons. Tank containers are used for transportation of grain.

Our advantages:


we transport a wide range of goods:
● perishable● bulk● liquid● general


customer-oriented company:
● we offer the best price solutions for our clients● an individual approach to each client


team of professionals:
● high level of service
● constant monitoring of cargo

To calculate the exact cost of railway transportation, contact our specialists by filling out the request form or call the phone numbers indicated on our website.

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