Trucking of goods is popular both among large companies, organizations and individuals. The main advantages of road transportations are speed, mobility and flexibility. Regardless to the location of the client, we will deliver the goods promptly and in complete integrity.

We offer transportation services by modern trucks that will deliver any cargo quickly and in the shortest time. We deliver dangerous, bulk, liquid, oversized cargo. "DIAMOND CARGO" takes personal responsibility for the cargo, we create optimal logistics routes, carry out orders of any complexity. Our team will calculate the cost of delivery, so you will not have to pay extra charges at the end of delivery. All movements of goods are carried out with maximum accuracy and high speed.

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    Container transporting

    Transportation of containers by trucks is one of the most widespread and flexible ways of transportation. You can order a container transportation service as a separate option or as part of a modal delivery.

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    Oversized transportation

    The transportation of oversized cargo should be trusted only to professionals. We offer a wide range of similar services. During transportation of long and heavy cargo, quality control is carried out at each stage of the cargo.

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    Tent transportation

    Tent transportation is a modern and economical way of goods transporting. Also, this delivery method is considered one of the fastest, since tent trucks have a high level of mobility and the ability to dismantle frames and tent, ensures transportation of various configuration goods.

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    Refrigerated cargo transportation

    Refrigerated cargo transportation - it is a transportation of goods that requires a special temperature regime upon delivery.

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    Grain cargo transportation

    The most widespread and demanded way of grain crops delivery from the place of harvest to storage stations and then over longer distances, is transportation by trucks.

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    Liquid cargo transportation

    Liquid cargo transportation service is the movement of liquid materials over certain distances by special tank trucks. Each type of cargo requires different types of vehicles equipped in a special way.

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    Dangerous goods transportation

    Trucks transportation of dangerous goods is the core activity of our company. Amount of dangerous goods transported by us since 2007 is measured in hundreds of tons. If you are looking for a specialist to perform this task, you are at the right place.

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