Intra-port forwarding of general cargo

"DIAMOND CARGO" offers you an individual approach to all issues of organizing forwarding within the port.

Each of our clients is our best client, qualified specialists and modern methods of information processing, guarantee you the fastest clearance of your cargo.

Intra-port freight forwarding is a part of freight forwarding services in general. A specific proposal for intra-port forwarding includes more than a dozen sevices, including:

● loading / unloading from / to a vehicle● movement of a cargo within the port● warehousing, stacking, separation ● safe storage● additional terminal services? so-called "part-time", implying the repair of containers, elimination of packaging defects● execution of intra-port documents regulated by the current contract with the stevedoring company● customs clearance● registration and organization of customs transit● attraction of additional specialists (if necessary): surveyors, agents of insurance companies, supervisors


We will provide you with the best options for solving your issues, since the rules and conditions of work may differ significantly from a stevedoring company or a port area.

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Advantages of ordering an intra-port forwarding service in our company:

● saving time, because all responsibilities for handling the cargo will be assumed by the employees of our company
● fast and accurate processing of cargo documents due to reliable contractual relations with port terminals
● attention to each client, taking into account specific requirements and wishes
● minimization of the time spent by the cargo in the port
● prompt removal and delivery of cargo to the client's warehouse
● regular information about the cargo and operations carried out with it

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Within the framework of intra-port forwarding services, our company is ready to fulfill any set of requirements imposed by customers:

● transfer of documents to a customs broker for the release of goods for free circulation
● registration of the intra-customs transit
● organization and participation in customs, veterinary, quarantine inspections
● posting documents through the warehouse and issuing permits for shipment in accordance with the rules of the port / terminal
● provision of vehicles for the export of cargo from the port
● registration of visits / passes for vehicles to enter the port for loading

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We provide stevedoring services in

Sea Trade Port of Chornomorsk

Chornomorsk Fishing Port

Odessa Sea Trading Port

Sea Trade Port Yuzhny

Sea Port Olvia

Mykolaiv Sea Port

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Sea Port 

"DIAMOND CARGO" company is a professional participant in the transport services market. Our company has been working in this area since 2007.
Main task of our company is the high-quality and prompt execution of the relevant operations, so that the cargo successfully passes the port, as well as is delivered to the recipient in due time.

"DIAMOND CARGO" provides comprehensive services. We are professionals in our field - this allows us to maintain partnerships with ports and carry out stevedore handling of goods in due time, the quality of our services is guaranteed - the company bears full responsibility for the safety of the cargo.

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