Foreign economic activity consulting

Consulting is a procedure of giving an advice to manufacturers, sellers and buyers in the field of economic, financial and legal issues related to foreign economic relations, registration of a participant in foreign economic activity, analysis and market forecasting.

Foreign economic activity consulting is effective and timely advice from experienced lawyers and qualified specialists in foreign economic activity.
We will help you to reduce the risks in the field of international container transportation and promptly respond to the changing market situation.
For the high-quality conduct of foreign economic activity, we always have fresh and reliable information in matters related to customs services.


Schematically, consulting on a foreign trade transaction may look like this:

● development of a detailed scheme of a foreign trade transaction
● search for a partner to conclude a contract in the country from which the delivery will be carried out
● execution of a contract and other necessary documents for the purposes of currency control and cargo crossing the border
● organization of accounting for foreign economic activity
● cargo insurance
● execution of all necessary documents required for escort, transportation through customs and the sale of cargo
● legal support of goods at all stages: during transportation, customs clearance and balancing
● organization of transport logistics and clearance of transported products or raw materials at the border with minimization of terms and costs
● selection of warehouses (consolidation, temporary storage, customs) along the route of cargo


Assisting in the preparation of a foreign trade contract

Each foreign economic transaction is made on the basis of the conclusion of a special document. A contract, most often, can be prepared in all languages of the contracting parties, or in one or several languages agreed between them.

The specialists of "DIAMOND CARGO" have extensive experience in the preparation and approval of documentation for foreign trade transactions.


Our consultants will advise you on all of the above issues. By agreement, we can act as a representative of your company at all stages of the agreed transaction.

Consulting on Foreign Economic Activity:

● Features of registration and methods of concluding different types of foreign trade transactions
● Foreign trade contracts and fulfillment of obligations
● Calculations of foreign trade transactions
● Foreign exchange regulation and foreign exchange control
● Formation of prices in the contract
● Special economic zones and business activities in these zones
● Patents, service marks, trademarks (protection and registration, international registration)

Customs clearance consultations:

● Consulting on customs regimes
● Selection of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity code for customs declaration of goods
● Calculation of customs duties, taxes and fees
● Selection of the necessary documents to confirm the declared customs value
● Consulting on liability for violation of customs legislation
● Representing the interests of the client's company in the customs authorities
● Registration of foreign trade participants at the customs post

Legal advice on Foreign Economic Activity:

● Legal support of foreign economic activity
● Legal assistance in customs disputes


Transport and logistics consultations:

● Transport and logistics support of foreign economic activity
● Development of the optimal cargo delivery route
● Optimization of the existing logistics scheme for the delivery of customer goods
● Optimization of delivery times (price / time / reliability)
● Choice of the type of transport (auto, air, railway, sea)
● Multimodal transportation
● Groupage cargo (from Europe, Southeast Asia, USA, etc.)
● Warehouses consolidation
● Full provision of transport, technical and customs documentation at all stages of foreign economic activity
● Insurance of international transport operations
● Customs clearance of vehicles and goods, advice on the payment of fees, taxes and customs duties, application of special procedures and customs regimes
● Certification, licensing, other permits
● Legal assessment and legal analysis at all stages of a foreign trade transaction
● Participation in negotiations with customs brokers and / or owners of temporary storage warehouses as a consultant

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