Container shipping

A modern, economical form of cargo delivery, which is used in international traffic. This type oftransportation makes it possible to deliver cargo anywhere in the world as soon as possible.

Organization of container shipping

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Carrying out sea container transportation is a rather difficult task that requires coordination at every stage of cargo movement. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the entire team and a wide agent network, we can carry out the delivery of any cargo by sea from anywhere in the world.

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"door to door"

Cargo delivery can be carried out in containers according to the "door to door" scheme. Transportation of cargo, in this way significantly reduces shipping time, and also allows the client to avoid issues associated with the organization of transportation and cargo customs clearance.

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Depending on the cargo type, we can provide various types of container equipment for loading: 20 ", 40", 40" High Cube, refrigerated containers, Open Top, Flat Rack, which allows us to minimize the customer's expenses.

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Our company works with all types of cargo and has extensive experience in the movement of dangerous, oversized and perishable goods.

During forwarding cargo, we execute all the necessary documents, which in the future gives us the opportunity to avoid additional costs and questions from customs control or the consignee.

Intra-port forwarding


"DIAMOND CARGO" offers you intra-port freight forwarding, which includes a huge range of works, list of which depends on the characteristics of the cargo, the direction of its movement, requirements for storage conditions, volume, packaging, etc.

In different ports requirements and rules for working on its territory may differ. Our experience and established connections enable us to fulfill our obligations without unforeseen difficulties and on time.

Freight forwarding is a painstaking work with accompanying documents, customs, sanitary, fire and other control services, as well as with agents of sea lines, port terminals, etc.

Intraport forwarding in the ports of Ukraine, carried out by the company "DIAMOND CARGO", implies the following obligations:

    preliminary processing of information about cargoes expected to arrive;
    selection of a terminal that would correspond to the characteristics and time of cargo arrival, its further transportation;
    work with shipping and accompanying documentation provided by liner and shipping agents;
    obtaining permits from the relevant authorities and services for the acceptance, transshipment and storage of goods of different hazard classes or non-standard goods;
    verification and execution of in-port documentation, as well as documents required for work in the terminal;
    payment control of bills of terminals and other participants who provided freight forwarding services, etc .;
    carrying out work on loading / unloading goods, reloading to other types of transport, if needed;
    organization and control of goods inspection, different inspection operations;
    sending goods for storage, providing special temperature and other regimes if necessary, controlling the shipment of goods.

Transportation of goods from the ports of Ukraine: guarantee of prompt delivery


Ukrainian container terminals handle most of the turnover of goods coming from Japan, China, Korea, America and other countries.
Specialists of "DIAMOND CARGO" company, carry out all the necessary preparatory work at the stage of cargo approach to the port. Accurate and timely delivery of goods to the recipient is the final stage of the planned work of our company.

Multimodal transport

"DIAMANT CARGO" carries out transportation of containers by sea, rail and roads in Ukraine, CIS, Asia and Europe. This type of cargo transportation is the most economical and combines the complete organization of a whole range of necessary services. 20' and 40' containers are available with various additional features.



Transportation of containers by trucks is one of the most widespread and flexible ways of transportation.
To order truck cargo transportation of containers, you can choose any method convenient for you. We will promptly perform a preliminary calculation of the delivery cost and answer all your questions.
"DIAMOND CARGO" carries out delivery of goods "from door to door", you can order truck container delivery of all types goods.


Railway transportation

Also, one of the key advantages of railway transportation is high safety.
Railway transportation is considered as economical and reliable way of delivery, based on the price / quality ratio. It is stable and easy to calculate the route with the smallest margin of error.

Our company has a high reputation as a responsible carrier, all our goods are delivered on time and with no additional cost.

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