Customs brokerage services

Commercial organizations and individuals engaged in foreign economic activity (FEA) in Ukraine delegate any interaction with customs authorities to special companies, such as "DIAMOND CARGO". The main job of a broker is to help with customs clearance of goods for export / import.

We solve problems in the following main areas of work with government bodies in the field of foreign economic activity:
● documentary control of the customs border
● determination of the main characteristics of the consignment and declaration
● obtaining certificates of conformity for products
● control of the conformity of exported or imported goods


We carry out customs operations for the clearance of goods in any customs regime. We provide assistance in the conduct of foreign economic activity, regardless of the method of transportation - it can be water, land and air transport.

Services for legal entities:

● customs clearance and customs clearance of goods● car registration, transit, temporary import● preparation and verification of documents for foreign economic activity● assistance in organizing and passing phytosanitary and veterinary control● consultation of a customs broker on legal issues of foreign economic activity● cargo insurance for international transportation● obtaining a declaration for the conformity of the goods with the technical regulations● provides assistance with temporary import / export, customs transit, re-import and re-export● carrying out customs settlements with government agencies

Services to individuals:

● consultations on the transportation of goods
● registration of personal belongings during international transport for the purpose of permanent residence
● conducting a preliminary examination
● loading of goods
● cargo storage
● assistance with customs payments
● insurance for international transportation

When composing a contract with our company, we prescribe the exact cost, rights and obligations of the parties. Our specialists take into account all possible nuances when calculating the cost of the service.

Features of brokers' activities:

● the representative carries out activities on behalf of the declarant (individual or legal person) and in his interests
● operations are carried out on the basis of international agreements between exporters and importers
● transactions are carried out exclusively on a contractual basis (a contract between the customer and the company)


Operating principles:

● Minimal client involvement - the broker independently forms a package of documents, prepares a customs declaration, transfers information to government services. The client does not need to be engaged in routine, and therefore he can focus on running the business.● Guarantee of protection of interests - a representative will help to eliminate violations, resolve conflicts and legal disputes.● Fast response - the company immediately responds to requests from customers and government services. An urgent consultation is provided and problems with the passage of the border with goods are resolved.● Active interaction with government agencies - any controversial and conflict situations with customs are resolved without the participation of the customer.● Fixing the agreed price - after signing the contract, the cost of the services of a customs broker cannot be changed.


● provide reliable electronic reporting to government agencies
● ensure the safety of commercial information, banking, as well as confidential data
● carry out tin time payment of taxes, fees and duties

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