Reefer transportation

Refrigerated cargo transportation is the transportation of goods of a certain category, which require compliance with a special temperature regime upon delivery.


Refrigerated trucks ensure compliance with the temperature regime during the transportation of goods. During transportation, the cargo is kept at the required temperature.

Where are they used?

Refrigerated trucks are used for many types of commercial products:

fresh meat, fish, dairy products, sausages, etc.

frozen food, canned food

fruits and vegetables




natural cosmetic preparations

planting material and flowers

non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks

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When delivering temperature cargo, it is important to choose the right type of vehicle. Refrigerated containers, isothermal vans, refrigerated vehicles with refrigeration equipment or container trucks with special attachments are often used.

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One of the problems that may arise on the way is the failure of equipment that provides temperature control, which can lead to damage of cargo and significant losses. That is why, refrigerated transport, like no others, requires a great attention and responsibility.

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Our team has extensive experience in this type of transportation. We will help you to deliver your cargo safe and as soon as possible. Refrigerated transportation is carried out both on the territory of Ukraine and to European countries.

Our clients can use the service of containerized refrigerated transportation, the use of this method of transportation makes business more profitable. Moving containers is carried out by specially equipped tractors with a loading platform.

The main advantage of container shipping is the relatively affordable cost of these services. This method of transportation is used both in land and sea routes. The movement of cargo is carried out by rail, sea or road transport.

Various transportation options allow us to offer favorable tariffs to customers, thereby minimizing time losses and financial costs. When carrying out container cargo transportation, you do not have to allocate a separate budget for loaders. If it becomes necessary to change the type of transport, you just need to move the container from one platform to another using a crane. This scheme is also applicable to container shipping.

Our advantages:


trust of major importers and exporters


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The freshness and quality of the products is guaranteed by the expert selection of the appropriate transport by our managers. We will provide high-quality support, as well as we provide 24/7 support and informing the client about the location of their cargo.